about bobbi duncan


Bobbi's yoga journey began in 2013 while working in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). During this time, she was often lifting and moving patients and other heavy objects that caused lower back pain and sciatica. While researching ways to relieve lower back pain, she came across a beginner's yoga video on YouTube. She first began practicing a few times a week, then every day! She was amazed at how yoga asanas relieved the physical pain and how yoga principles kept her calm through stressful PICU days and difficult life events. Her daily practice continued to evolve and now includes a wide variety of asanas as well as meditation. 

      Bobbi completed her 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher training at Spiritual Essence Yoga in 2015 and her 300-hour training in 2017. Her 300-hr training specifically focused on scripture-based yoga and meditation classes. She not only teaches asanas and flows to benefit the body, but also how the principles of yoga can have a positive impact on a student's mind and spirit. She encourages her students to open their minds and hearts to deepening their yoga practice and allowing positive energy to radiate through them. By cultivating this mind, body, spirit connection, she believes yoga can help students to lead a more focused, balanced, and fulfilled life.